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 Namaste and Welcome to my little slice of The World Wide Web!

“Have hands will travel” has been my mantra for many years and I love seeing clients  in both North and South America.  This summer 2016 I will be the resident RMT at the marvelous Markland  Coastal Beach Cottages on beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia! Check my site regularly to see where my practice pops up next! 



Some have referred to me as  Pam the  Pam-Purr Queen ! I am ready to grant your wish to feel fabulous,  pain-free, rejuvenated and sublimely relaxed.  Some know me  better as  Pam O’Dea (prophetically named, yes?) !  I am a Canadian Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.), who has a loyal following of clients in San Francisco, California, my birth home Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, and recently Uruguay, South America  where I  offer my gift of touch. I have an official Goddess Crown and Magic Wand that empowers me to help YOU be the best YOU can be!   After starting my practice in Toronto in 1991 I relocated my base to  California from 1994 until 2015 and am now exploring other seasonal locations in which to teach and practice.  I offer  a hedonistic variety of therapeutic Swedish, Hot Stone and Temple Style Lomi Lomi  (Kahuna)  Massage to Pam-purr YOUR  Inner Goddess! We absolutely  must prioritize filling up our cup with   love and caring for ourselves so we have an overflow to share with those who are dear to us!

I  graduated in 1991 from Sutherland-Chan’s two-year massage program in Toronto, Canada. Since 1999 I have been sharing my love of Hot Stone Massage with clients and teaching this powerful technique to therapists in California and in Canada. In  2011  I began teaching Lomi Lomi massage as well. I lead a tri-coastal existence…. summers on Cape Breton Island and  winter in Uruguay and some time in California….have hands will travel!

Finding my path…

One of the strongest memories of my childhood is lying in the sun on hot stones at the beach on Cape Breton Island. My favorite pastime was jumping off of a large rock into the cool salt-water lake and then climbing back up on it to bask in the sun.



I never imagined I would find a career that would allow me to share the wonderful healing sensations I felt from those hot stones. The cold stones I sometimes use bring alive memories of that beautiful refreshing Bras D’ Or Lake.

Irish Vale beach

Irish Vale Beach

My life has been spent exploring the mysteries of the mind and sensations of the body. I feel like my body is my temple and I choose to keep it pure with good food and natural highs like dancing, yoga, gyrotonics,biking and swimming.

My quest led me to The University of Toronto in 1978 where I studied the mind and parapsychology. I went on to explore alternative healing and bodywork there. I was so profoundly affected by massage that I decided to explore that path more extensively.

I entered a 2-year comprehensive medically oriented massage program at Sutherland-Chan Massage School and Teaching Clinic. When I completed the program in 1991 I felt like I finally had the Owner’s Manual to my body! I was thrilled to have such a gratifying career that enabled me to use my gift of touch to facilitate people’s healing.

I moved to California in 1994 and vowed to experience all the styles of bodywork offered there. I was most inspired by a practitioner of Kahuna  Temple Style Lomi Lomi Massage . Her hands manipulated my body in such healing ways I felt like I had been treated like Hawaiian royalty, deeply nurtured, and revitalized. I left that massage with the realization that this was the kind of experience I wanted to give others.

I started to veer away from my training which was anchored in a clinical style of massage, evolving toward a more hedonistic approach. I think of massage as a purifying ritual for the client and it is a healing meditation for me. I created a Virtual Massage Vacation directory from which clients could select music and scents to enrich their chosen journey. I wanted my clients to feel like queens, like they were entering an urban temple where they would be purged of their stresses and blockages.

In the spring of 1999 I found a stone in the path that brought my journey full circle from my childhood.

I was intrigued to receive a massage from a therapist who was using hot stones to enhance her massage. As she guided the stones over my body my mind flashed back to that intensely pleasurable sensation of basking on the hot rocks as a child. Pure bliss! The deep soothing comfort of the stones made my muscles as supple as they were when I was a carefree child. I had found the ultimate natural high! I learned to use the stones and feel honored to be able to share this extraordinary sensation, a natural element of the earth that I experienced as a child. The stones create a feeling of being recharged and grounded in both my clients and myself. We agree it is the most incredible massage we’ve ever had!

I have had the great privilege of sharing this wonderful modality with my clients in my private practice in San Francisco and teaching at The School of Shiatsu and Massage since 2002.  at Harbin Hot Springs,

My curiosity and love of Temple Style Lomi Lomi  (Kahuna) Massage  drew me to become a practitioner myself in 2007. It has been a wonderful journey learning about the wisdom of the Native Hawaiians. I have been teaching it at The School of Shiatsu and Massage and it was a great honor to be invited to teach Lomi Lomi at the school where I received my massage therapy training, Sutherland-Chan School as well!